Process of obtaining the building permits will be accelerated with the new law


On Monday, 24th of August, Minister of Regional Development Klara Dostálová announced that the government had approved the new law of construction. Thus, the Ministry of Regional Development will shorten the period of application’s consideration for a building permit for larger projects from the existing 5.4 years to one year.

   The main principles of the new law are that the relevant authorities will be integrated into the construction departments,the terms of consideration of all applications will be fixed. Also, there will be taken measures against inaction and the principle of appeal will appear as well too. Moreover, the higher department will not be able to transfer the case for a new consideration. With the decrease of bureaucracy and reduction of construction departments, it is expected that getting the building permits will be accelerated after the new law enters into force.
   Most representatives of opposition parties criticized the law and now it will be submitted to the Chamber of Deputies for the further discussion and possible amendments. However, the new law is expected to be valid from the spring of next year and will come fully into force by mid-2023. Thus, the process of obtaining building permits in the Czech Republic will be significantly accelerated and in the near future we can expect the emergence of even more interesting development projects.

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