The current building volume is not enough for the needs of Prague


Nowadays, we can see about 137 development projects in Prague, where will appear around 14 450 new apartments soon. However, the amount of already completed residential complexes during this year is too small and this is the lowest result during the last 7 years.

   Based on the analysis of the Institute of Planning and Development (IPR),the current building volume is rather higher, than during previous several years.The expected annual completion of the real estate market with new apartments is about 6 thousand.It is rather a good result and it was not even affected by the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.However, in order to cover the needs of Prague and also the demand of interested in real estate purchase, the number of the new completed apartments should be at least 10 thousand per year. This is still unattainable.

   The head of IPR believes that the current building volumeis absolutely not enough,as the implementation of the development projects is measured in many years and even decades.The lack of housing leads to the price increase, which can be seen indeed.Since 2014, The Czech real estate prices has risen by an average of 84 %.The existence of the affordable housing can be achieved only in case of the building volume increasing, which should lead to the reduction of the apartments’ lack in the future.At the moment, the demand at the real estate market has a growing trend and it is obvious that the own apartment will become an unattainable luxury without an increase of the supply.

   Below you can see the actual development projects in Prague, with more than 200 apartments:

  • Belarie Park - 347 apartments
  • Britská čtvrť - 201 apartments
  • Byty Na Vackově - 342 apartments
  • Byty u parku Na Vackově - 274 apartments
  • Harfa Design Residence - 243 apartments
  • Kaskády Barrandov - 638 apartments
  • Malý Háj - 307 apartments
  • Nové Chabry - 222 apartments
  • Park Zličín - 525 apartments
  • Port Karolína - 255 apartments
  • Ranta Barrandov - 259 apartments
  • Rezidence Pergamenka - 242 apartments
  • Rezidence U Šárky - 218 apartments
  • Rohan City Diamanty - 212 apartments
  • Suomi Hloubětín - 347 apartments
  • Tulipa Třebešín - 313 apartments
  • VIVUS Argentinská - 283 apartments
  • Zahálka - 476 apartments

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