The demand for small housing is growing in the Czech Republic


Over recent years, in the Czech Republic, the small-scale housing is gaining popularity. First of all, it can be seen in the big cities, but this trend is also found in the whole state. The chief analyst of the development company Central Group states that the demand for apartments of 3+kk configuration is decreasing, and for apartments of 1+kk or 2+kk, on the contrary, is growing. For example, in 2015, the share of sales of large apartments was 42%, and now it is just 33.5%.

   More compact options are becoming the most desirable, as nowadays the most popular apartments havea configuration of 2+kk and their buyers are mainly young families or single people without family.It is worth noting that the trend of buying large apartments in the family residential suburbs of Prague continues, while in the central parts of the city,mainly small-scale housing is bought. A similar trend can be seen in other big cities of the Czech Republic.

   One of the reasons for the growing demand for small housing is the fact that prices in the Czech Republic are growing steadily and not everyone can afford an apartment in a large city today.This means that studios and one-bedroom apartments are the most affordable way to get your ownapartment. Today the new smallest apartments in the Czech Republic have about 30 square meters,and developers promise that despite the small area, such a property remains comfortable for permanent living.However, this does not mean that there are no smaller apartments in Prague.Such compact options appear as a result of the reconstruction of old buildings mainly in the central parts of Prague, but obviously it is quite difficult to live comfortably in an apartment of 18-20 square meters. The analyst of the company Central Group believes that such apartments are not for the permanent living and are usually used for short-term rent.

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